Weird smells that people actually like

Shocking smells that people find good:

Unquestionably, almost everyone loves good fragrances as it makes us feel good but there are also many who love smells which are just hard to resist. You will be surprised to know about these weird smells but some are just so obsessed with it that they won’t admit but find it truly satisfying. So, let’s check out the bizarre list below:

  • Petrol

This is the most common one. You might have spotted many people inhaling this smell on the petrol pumps or from the tanks of their vehicles.

  • Paint

Whenever a new home is build or whitewash is going on, the odd smell of this wall color is very pleasing.

  • Nail Polish

This is quite an addictive smell which is just too hard to get rid of and some especially go for inhaling this in salons.

  • Tennis Ball

The mix of rubber and the fleece like material is quite good and perfect to smell especially for sports lovers.

  • Under Arms

No doubt it’s disgusting but this is true. There are many people who rub their own underarms to feel that eerie odor.

  • Cow Patties

Many who belong to farmer’s family or have spent a lot of time in the village is quite aware of this smell and find it soothing too.

  • Stinky Shoes

This one is just too gross however there are some who like it and never leaves a chance in taking this weird smell in.

  • Chlorine

All the swimmers mostly love the bomb like smell of this chemical present in water.

  • Leather


Umm!  Inhaling this is just too relaxing.

  • Babies

No doubt little newborns are too cute but they also have a distinct smell which many loves.