Why office romance is not a good idea

Reasons why romance at work usually spells disaster

Neha started dating her colleague and things were all hunky dory after all they made the perfect team, till they broke up. Now he is heading her team and they both have a difficult situation, from hating each other to all this reflecting on her work, the office has become difficult for her.

Many times romance at the office does not end well, while on the contrary, at times it does! It depends on the bond you both share and how strong it is to fight with the hurdles. Here we are with the reasons why romance at the office is not a good idea.

Reality is different from assumptions

Romance and reality are two different things
Romance and reality are two different things

When you are in a workplace it has some boundaries and time-bound work to do. It can be that what you think does not happen correctly and at the right time. For example, if you wanted to go on a date, the other one would not get a leave or sometimes the whole office plans an outing while you wanted some time only with your special one. These could be some drawbacks of relationships at the workplace but if you enjoy a nice bond you can enjoy not matter what happens.

Your office circle breaks

Once you are in a relationship at the office, spending time with your partner more, somehow breaks you from the circle and you might not concentrate on bagging the new project making you a not so important employee.

It becomes a nightmare if you break up

Dreadful if you breakup
Dreadful if you break up

Relationships at the office do not always result in a bad decision. But if you are in a relationship at the office and you breakup, things change and it becomes dreadful to survive being in the same place as you cannot grow emotionally without a bit of healing time.

Pleasure and business should never be mixed

The office is where you work professionally. So mixing both relationship and work can land you in many unwanted situations. Though this is not for everybody as many people can keep the relationship and work separately even working at the same place. So, for them, pleasure and business are two different aspects and they deal if perfectly at different times. But people usually scream favoritism even when you slog yourself to bag the new project.

Co-workers behave differently

The behavior of your coworker’s changes as they feel jealous of you and the perks you are getting. If you are in a relationship with someone at a higher post, then it becomes somewhat more difficult as rumors make things worse.

However, not all relationships at the work place are a bad idea. Many of the bonds last forever and have some beautiful memories to remember. But proceeding with caution always helps!