The latest bizarre trend: Snake diet

Check out the all new weight loss trend:

Every day, a new diet comes and promises to help you lose weight in a very less time. Following the number of people doing the ketogenic diet, various new trends are arising one of which is, the snake diet. This diet is currently in vogue and people are trying it out. Still not getting anything? Check out the details about it below:

The Snake Diet is founded by a trainer Cole Robinson, who says on that he got irritated by the way the coaches and trainers give advice to his clients to take different diet plans. So he came out with the plan which claims to work in the way that snakes do—as in, you eat a large meal and then live off it for a while.

This diet is a “flexible fasting lifestyle that promotes a proactive eating routine”. According to Cole Robinson, it is better than the ketogenic diet. He adds that the main objective of the diet is to fast long as possible.

The trainer Robinson tried it out first and after receiving positive results he named it as snake diet.

In this diet, people eat one meal in a day and then no food for next 24 to 36 hours. For example: if somebody starts snake diet today, they will not eat anything until tomorrow morning.

The next time, the person can eat anything followed by fasting again. As per him fasting process resets the body and let it use the extra stored fat in the body.

The website says that one should start the diet with 48 hours fast. The trainer also asks the followers to have Snake Juice mix which has 1 litre mineral water, two teaspoons of NoSalt (Potassium Chloride) and pink salt (Sodium Chloride).

This diet might help people lose few kilos of weight in starting because of the restricted calorie intake and snake juice can help maintain the balance during the fasting period. But snake diet may lead to binge eating as well. It can also make a person hungry and result in overeating.

We understand that losing weight for many people is important, but these strange trends are only going to harm the body in some way or the other. Dieting is crucial for weight loss but a 40-minute workout is also equally helpful.

Let’s see how this trend is going to work for people.