Take care of your bones this World Osteoporosis Day

Ladies doing workout/freedogitalphotos

Osteoporosis is a health ailment where the bones weaken and become susceptible to fractures. Indian women are more prone to osteoporosis than their foreign counterparts. The reason? Most Indian women hate to go out in the sun! Becoming fairer is important to many women and they often put their health to risk. Bones require calcium and sunlight to remain healthy.

 Though there are no official records for osteoporosis but billions of Indian women are afflicted with it.
On world osteoporosis day here are a few ways to prevent your bones from weakening:
  • A fracture is the first possible signs of osteoporosis.
  • Get your bone density examined every year.
  • Women become more susceptible to osteoporosis after menopause. Consult with your doctor and start a calcium supplement as soon as you hit menopause.
  • Go out in the sun daily. It is essential for healthy bone development.
  • Make a habit of having at-least one glass of milk daily.
  • Increase your intake of dairy products. Adding egg white, fish, paneer and milk lowers the risk.
  • Exercise moderately daily for at-least 30 minutes.