Ways to stick to your New Year resolutions

Make those New Year resolutions last

Every year we make resolutions, realistic or unrealistic and we go crazy, first to follow it properly and then by breaking it. It is said that most people never keep their new year’s resolutions and often it is not due to lack of resolve but due to lack of right help.

As much as we love our resolutions here is how to approach them realistically

  • Plan beforehand

Don’t make a random resolution like ‘I want to lose weight’ make it realistic by planning a diet, meeting a dietician. Randomly made resolutions never work. If say your 2017 resolution is to get hitched, look for that guy but don’t think of every potential date as your groom. A checklist helps, but desperation never does.

  • Make a realistic goal

Try setting a goal and a realistic one at that like ‘I plan on losing 5 kgs by three months’, might sound as a better short term goal than ‘I want to drop those extra 20 kilos’. Not only does the number scare you but it makes the whole diet or gyming thing difficult and doesn’t act as a motivator.

  • Join a support group

That is the beauty of social media from quitting smoking to losing weight to de-cluttering, everything has a number of interesting facebook groups with people willing to help and supporting you most of the times.

  • Focus on building yourself
Source Pinterest
Source Pinterest

Your aim should be to build yourself as a better person, be it mentally, spiritually, financially or physically. The more realistic you keep it, happier you will be following it. ‘I want to learn yoga’ doesn’t mean I aim to become a perfect bending acrobat but a nice flexible body by this year end with some inner peace will be more than welcome.

  • Its okay to falter

We all fall off the bandwagon, but you do not have to take it as the end of your resolution. Come back to it stronger and more prepared mentally. After all the achievement will be for you and not completing it will never give you that sense of accomplishment.

What are your resolutions this year?