Important tips for frying frozen food correctly

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Fry those frozen foods perfectly

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Summer holidays are the time to have fun and indulge in family get-togethers. Food is an essential element in all types of get-together so a smart menu along with some quick frying tips is all you need to put together a spread of great chai-time snacks without spending more time in the kitchen. We all get french fries and nuggets that are ready to serve after frying but more often than not we  end up with soggy or broken frozen food. Well  McCain Foods give us these awesome frying tips which will help you cook delicious snacks quickly and spend more time with your loved ones:

Oil it right:  Go for oil with a high smoke point. Canola, sunflower and rice bran oils are considered good as they can be heated to high temperatures without burning.

Pick a thick-base pan: The secret to a perfect fried snack is a frying pan with a thick base. Choosing a thick base frying pan ensures that the oil you use is heated slowly and evenly.

Olive Oil
olive oil

Pat dry before frying: Use tissue paper to absorb all extra moisture content from your snacks, prior to being submerged in a hot oil. This will prevent oil splattering.

Chicken nuggets

Add salt only after frying:  It is always advisable to add salt, only after you have fried your snacks as salt has a high water content. Sprinkling salt when frying your snacks could lead to oil splattering. Also, when you add salt after removing from the hot oil, chances of salt sticking on your snack increases.

Fry in batches: To ensure that your snacks are evenly cooked and crispy, fry in parts. The less amount of snacks you fry in one go, the more evenly they will turn out.