Ways to turn your pencil eyeliner into gel eyeliner

From eyeliner to gel liner
From eyeliner to gel liner
From eyeliner to gel liner
From eyeliner to gel liner

Gel liners are easy to apply but still many people dread using it. To be honest I was one of them and it took me years to give it a try. But finally I am comfortable using it but I am sure there are many who are still not cool with the idea of using it. So if you are one of them Team AAW has a surprise for you. Here is how you can turn your pencil liner into a gel liner easily without many efforts.

Makeup artists too use this trick to make ultra-intense gel liners from their regular pencil liners. It creates a beautiful, intense smudge line for a more defined, noticeable result. Try it for yourself!

Material required
· Black pencil eyeliner

· Blow dryer or microwave or lighter or gas burner or candle

· Pencil sharpener

· Sharp your pencil liner and give it a fine tip.

For Blow dryer:

· Now turn your blow dryer on at a hot temperature but at a low blow setting.

· Place your pencil liner in front of the nozzle for 5 to 10 seconds to heat it up.

For microwave: 

Place the pencil in microwave for 5 seconds.

For candle or gas burner or lighter: 

Take the tip of the eyepencil near the flame. Never put t on direct flame just near it to heat it,

Now apply it but be careful as the tip would be really soft so apply it with soft hands.

PS always apply the liner on your hand to check how hot it is before you apply it on the eyes.