How to flaunt your tanned skin

Sun-kissed Kareena/facebook

Here is how to flaunt your summer tan!

Sun-kissed Kareena/facebook
Sun-kissed Kareena/facebook

Tanning is a problem all girls face in summer. Even with those sunglasses, dollops of sunscreen and every conceivable item to shun the sun, Indian summers can tan you horribly!

Recently Kareena attended an awards show with sun kissed skin and the diva flaunted her tan perfectly. Rather than making her look dark, the tan seemed to make Kareena look bronzed pretty. An application of your regular makeup usually gives you a ghoul like appearance. While you can’t stop going out in the sun, you can definitely hone your makeup skills to look perfect and pretty with the tan:

Right creams: When the skin gets tanned, the sun also dehydrates the body and often you can end up with peeling, painful skin. So it is important to use a sun screen and once inside follow up with a moisturising cream to replenish the water loss. You can also opt for a cream based mask to ensure a healthy glow to your tan.

Buy new makeup

Buy a darker compact: After tanning your regular face products like foundation can look fake and give you a scary grey colour! We would not tell you to buy a darker foundation, concealor and compact. Just pick a drugstore BB cream or a compact. For a neater look apply this properly when you step out.

Cheeky troubles: Skip your pink blusher after tanning as it looks like a skin allergy than a rosy glow. Apply some bronzer to make your skin glow. Alternatively you can apply a luminiser or highlighter on your cheekbones to get a healthy glow.

No dark eye make-up: A black smoky eye on a tanned face can be too harsh.  Apply a thin line of kohl and mascara in the daytime. For a night time look swipe a brown eyeshadow and apply a shimmering brown eye pencil in the night.

Highlights: Highlighted hair in the shades of caramel or honey look amazing with tanned skin.

10 MAC Lipstick finishes you must know
10 MAC Lipstick finishes you must know

Lips: Opt for a nude lipstick or a coral shade with lots of gloss to give your pout some definition. For a night out bring out your reds and fuchsias.

Insure you are tanned evenly: Insure that your face, neck, décolletage, hands are all tanned evenly. A hint of white on the neck can look funny!

In Indian summers many of us get tanned. This is the best way to flaunt it than fight it!