Remove pubic hair perfectly at home

Bikini wax
Bikini wax/freedigitalphotos
Bikini wax
Bikini wax/freedigitalphotos

Discussing pubic hair is a taboo topic but all women want a neatly groomed bikini area. We have all tried shaving, trimming, even bikini wax to keep our nether region perfect. But more often the results are painful (waxing or cuts from shaving) or unhealthy (infections).

Depilatory creams are great but most creams carry a warning: Do not use on the genital area, as it contains many chemicals. Here are some at-home pubic hair removal tips that you can use:

Trim it: A day before you plan to clean those hair, trim them. If you’ve never shaved them before, there will be a lot of hair to deal with. By trimming your hair first it becomes easy to use a razor or else the hair tends to get stuck in the blades. Use a scissor or a trimmer to trim the hair to their ¼ size.

The right razor: Using the right razors can make the task easier. Use a razor designed for the pubic region. They narrow head makes it easier to shave the curves and bends of your genital area. You can try the Gillette bikini razor. Another great (long term) option is the Braun FG 1100 Silk Finish Trimmer this electric shaver has a trimmer and a shaver. Priced at around 2000 INR it is a steal.

Avoid problems: Many women face irritation, burns, nicks and cuts post-shave. Bikini area is extremely sensitive so go slow when you are shaving and never shave the same area twice as this can lead to razor burns.

A shaving cream is essential whenever you clean your pubic zone as it softens the skin and hair. Buy one or use your hair conditioner when you do not have one. Use shaving cream even with your electric razor.

Deal with ingrown: Ingrown hair look awful and the pubic area is prone to ingrown. To avoid ingrown hair exfoliate regularly with your body wash and loofah or with a body scrub once-a week. Exfoliating unclogs pores and allows hair to grow. PS never scrub for 2-3 days post-shaving as the area is extremely sensitive.