Jamsu makeup for perfect skin!


Korean beauty trend Jamsu for flawless skin


Korean skin is way beautiful and their makeup techinques are often near perfect, okay and a bit ‘different’. When I heard of Jamsu, i laughed it off! It seemed like a makeup version of our Indian festival holi. But the results are worth it, especially in hot humid weather like India.

What is Jamsu?

Jamsu is the polar opposite of baking. While baking is applying loose powder and let your body heat set it. Jamsu is literally dipping your powder clad face in ice cold water to set the makeup! Sounds vague? Well the results are amazing! And we are pretty much hooked to it.

How to Jamsu?

Cleanse, moisturize and prep your face like you normally do. Now apply those layers of makeup. Concealor, foundation, corrector. Use waterproof makeup for a better finish.

Apply a layer of loose powder it should be thick enough, to be seen. Not ghost white but noticeable. Johnson’s Baby Powder works well and is super affordable. Use your hands and literally pile on the powder.

Woman applying makeup

Now in an over-sized bowl filled with cold water and submerge your face completely. Hold it there for 30 seconds, if your skin is super oily. 15 seconds works for normal skin.

As soon as you lift your head from water start gently patting it dry. Use soft movement. Harsh movements may remove the makeup. Once your skin dries you shall have the perfect skin you have dreamed of. It lasted a good 14 hours on me!

Apply your eye and lip makeup and you are done.

Have you ever tried Jamsu?