Must to follow beauty tips


Whether winter or summer oily or dry no matter what your skin type is and season, there are some basic beauty formulas that every girl should follow for a good skin.

  • Moisturise Moisturise It’s essential to maintain skin’s moisture content so use a moisturiser daily. Pick something gel based to mosturise in summers and switch to a heavy one in winters.
  • Drink water Drink water Water is good for overall cleaning of the body. Drink at least seven to eight glasses a day to keep your skin hydrated. It is advisable to drink warm water.
  • Nail care Nail care We tend to ignore nails and do not take care proper care of it. Make sure that you clean the nails, cut them and remove cuticles on regular intervals.
  • Avoid too much make up Avoid too much make up No matter how branded your cosmetics are but they are still bad for your skin. Try to use less make up and remove all traces of it before going to bed.
  • Sleep well Sleep well At least seven to eight hours of sleep is very important for healthy skin. If you are sleep-deprived, your skin will look dull, tired and you may get dark circles too!
  • Exfoliate Exfoliate Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells and dirt from your body. Besides face the body too needs to be exfoliated at least twice a week with a body scrub. Make a body scrubs by mixing sugar and olive oil.
  • Exercise Exercise A daily workout session keeps you fit and helps keep the skin clean. Sweating cleans the pores and makes the skin glow. It also helps your skin excrete waste and take in fresh oxygen.
  • Healthy diet Healthy diet Healthy diet is a sure shot formula for all problems. A nutritious diet leads to healthy and glowing skin. Stay away from oily, greasy food as it can lead to pimples.
  • Wash face regularly Wash face regularly Wash your face at least twice a day with a mild facewash that suits your skin and season. In winters opt for cream based wash to avoid dryness. Also never wash your face with too cold or hot water.