7 most inspiring women-oriented movies


A mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter and a professional; a woman excels in all roles.  On the occasion of International Women’s Day AAW brings you some of the top women oriented films that have inspired many.

  • Fashion Fashion The film is about a small town girl who gets completely changed after entering into the glamour industry and how she evolves herself after the failure.
  • Damini Damini Damini is a story of a woman who fights against society and family for justice of a rape victim.
  • 7 Khoon Maaf 7 Khoon Maaf Don't do what Priyanka did in the movie but learn to protest against injustice and domestic violence.
  • Lajja Lajja It's a story about of those women who become prey to man's violence but still continue to fight.
  • English Vinglish English Vinglish Sridevi's comeback film is an inspiration for many. The movie proved that nothing is imposible in life, all it needs is determination and confidence.
  • No One Killed Jessica No One Killed Jessica Based on a real life incidence, the movie gives a message that you should never give up and fight for justice.
  • Mother India Mother India The movie was a complete package. It narrates the the traits of a woman who can be loving, humble but also merciless if she feels something done is wrong.