‘Aurangzeb’ hottie Sasha was in a MMS scandal

Sasha Agha
Sasha Agha
Sasha Agha

When YRF released the rushes of Arjun Kapoor starrer Aurangzeb, everyone wanted to know who the hot girl was. The leading lady of Aurangzeb is a 20-year-old Bollywood debutante Sasha Agha.

Sasha Agha is the daughter of yesteryear Pakistani actress Salma Agha.  But did you know this hottie changed her name from Zara to Sasha to escape her previous image and make a fresh start as an YRF actress? Well Sasha (or Zara) was embroiled in an MMS featuring Zara and Ruslan Mumtaz whichwent viral. In fact she held a press conference and dared journalists to prove her wrong! She claimed Ruslam (Mumtaz’s son) was trying to use her to gain cheap publicity.

Well Sasha, many actresses have a controversial past and change names but you will need to prove your talent too. Remember a particular Katrina in Boom?