Bikini diva Poonam scared of swimming?

Poonam Pandey and the the pic she posted

The former Kingfisher model who loves her thongs and bikinis has a small issue. She might love her water attire but she has swimming issues.

The self acclaiming hot and sexy model tweeted about her excitement to enjoy in the pool, “letting my phone charge for like a hour then heading to the pool”. But soon the thrilled Poonam Pandey added, “I’ve been getting cramps on my legs and toes every time I go into the pool” and she even posted a of her naked thighs in the pool (as if we could see the cramps!).

Poonam does it mean that swimming is not your cup of tea or are you hydrophobic? Well, here is a suggestion, why dont you try and overcome this fear with your pictures (like those tub ones?)

Sometime back the strip queen had celebrated ‘Thong Day’ by posting her pictures in a pink thong and white shirt.