Fans support Sherlyn's adult act

Sherlyn Chopra/Twitter

The first Indian playmate, Sheryln Chopra recently grabbed the eyeballs by posting her nude pictures on Twitter is thankful to the media for comments and titles. A disgusted Indian media gave Sherlyn titles like 'wanna be', 'the queen of sleaze', 'down market', 'cheap', 'desperado', 'shameless' etc.

On Saturday Sheryl's aim was to trend worldwide on the micro-blogging site. What followed was a lame attempt at publicity by doing a full monty which reached porn-isque heights. Shelyn Chopra got a mixed bag of reactions from her fans; some made fun of her, while few came out in support.

"Let Ms.Chopra live in peace. You have no right to speak about her. Suit yourselves", tweets a fan to silence all the brick brats. Strangely many even opposed media’s reaction, "HELL is better than the media...they want the TRP” tweets an adamant Sheryln follower.

The fans were impressed with her act and acknowledged it, "Atleast @SherlynChopra did and accepted it!!Others talk HOLY and do S*^t! Sherlyn is successful,are u jealous of that?"

Sherlyn, good to see that many people are defending your bold acts but do you think such cheap acts and publicity are really worth it?

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