How far will you go for a dare?


Recently in Bigg Boss 6 Mink Brar ended up getting 5 inches of her hair chopped because Bigg Boss asked her to! Well, it was a great move in the spirit of the game but we think it was a bit too much. We asked a few women about how far they have gone for a dare?

Well 17 year old Lakshita Simha says, "I went to a liquor store once for a dare. I picked up a bottle of beer for a group of friends and won a cool 500 bucks!
25 year old Amrita Kapoor says, "One drunk night we got inspired by the movie Shaitaan and me and another girl went to the chemist and picked up a cocktail of condoms. Needless to say I still feel embarrassed."
"I had sex in the car on a highway with my boyfriend because he dared me and called me boring!" says Kajal Anand.
But such dares can go wrong like in the case of Esha Jain, "During school vacations we (a huge gang of girls) used to go to flea markets like Janpath. Eventually we would all nick something from the market on a dare. Once a friend was caught. We stopped after that."
I still can't forget the day when I went to a shop and asked for some adult movies I was so embarrassed. It's been five years and I never been to that  market again, reminisces Neelam.
So what is the wildest thing you have dared to do? Tell us in the comments below.
(Some names have been changed)