Imam was Delnaaz’s first crush

Delnaaz and Imam
Delnaaz and Imam

Finally the viewers got to know the real reason between Rajeev and Imam’s ugly spat while guarding one of the bedrooms as a task. Rajeev’s wife Dello agreed that she had a crush on Imam when Niketan Madhok walked up to Delnaaz and whispered in her ears that he knew who her first crush was.

The blushing Delnaaz replied and said that “He was such a handsome man that I couldn’t help falling for him.”  Rajeev also got to know about wife’s crush.

We know that Delnaaz and Imam knew each other from long but this revelation has added fuel to Rajeev’s anger against Imam. Also the reason for Delnaaz’s happiness on seeing Imam as a contestant is also clear.