Indian telly serials that broke the stereotypes


Over the last decades, we have seen many changes in the portrayal of serials on television. The serials moving from the regular Saas-Bahu drama are now focused on showing what caters to the interest of the public and also aware them of the  social evils that exists in the society. Though they become nonsense  with time but Team AAW lists some serials that tried to break the stereotypes when they began



This focused on child widow system in India. Ganga played by Ruhana Khanna wanted to live her life to the fullest but being a widow she had to face many restrictions. The story portrayed what a small girl has to suffer who was married at an early age and doesn’t even know the meaning of marriage and what being a widow is.

Motive: It educates about the curse of child marriage.



Though it has lost its essence now  but initially it bought the truth of how people are made slaves and are suppressed to work for their owners.

Motive It makes you aware about bonded labour that still prevails in India.

Gumrah, End of Innocence

Catering to the welfare of teenagers who are trapped in murders, harassment and kidnapping traps, this show portrayed how people misguide them and take advantage of their innocence.

Motive: It educates the people about these kinds of activities and to alarm them before it happens.

balika Vadhu
Balika Vadhu

Balika Vadhu

It was about child marriage and its negative consequences on the children. The story was about Anandi and Jagdish who were married at an early age and the hardships of Anandi who wanted to study but the marriage took away her dreams and childhood.  The show also won “Best Programme with a social message” award at the 8th Indian Telly Awards.

Motive: It tells you the child marriage and its consequences.

Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chasma

Airing on Sab TV this comedy serial is about multicultural people living in the same society, Gokuldham. It shows the story of Jethalal and his family and how he solves his problems with the help of his neighbors. Irrespective of the drama and high voltage tension in the daily soap operas, this serial shows the daily life in a relaxing manner

Motive:It awares about the strength of living together as a family and helping each other.

Service Wali Bahu

Aired on Zee TV in 2015 the show revolved around Payal, the lead who was a carrier oriented girl and believed that women can manage both job and home with full responsibility. It showed the truth of the society whereby, prospective grooms are opting for a working woman as a wife. A working daughter-in-law is beneficial as it means legalized dowry for the in-laws for the rest of their lives.

Motive: It shows that how  ‘Dowry’ is  still prevalent in some parts of India.