Kareena’s Heroine poster is a copy

Heroine poster and Original poster
Heroine poster and Original poster

Even thought she is the highest paid actress, Kareena’s career seems to be inching down quite fast!  The actress is being called the ‘walk out diva’ after walking out of several plum projects. The rumors about her impending shaadi with Saif are not helping either.

Now we hear that the cover of Heroine, which is Kareena’s best project till date, is being called a cheap copy. The first cover of Heroine was unveiled recently. The poster has Kareena on a bed wearing a gold top and shorts with some serious expressions. But the resemblance to the Mariah Carey cover is uncanny. People expected a more flashy and fabulous cover from Bebo and Madhur that too on a project called Heroine.

Maybe it is time for Bebo to diss those clothes, don a bikini and tell people she is the the true Heroine! Last heard Sunny Leone has a few tips!