Kim’s worst wardrobe moments during pregnancy

Kim Kardashian

Ever since Kim Kardashian has announced to the world that she is expecting, the world is watching her every step. Her weight, her clothes, her choices are being critiqued. Kim decided to not wear maternity clothes as she feels they will make her look huger. But Kim is a fashionista and she is wearing everything right on trend. Though many people have criticised her clothes, she clearly loves her ‘unique’ sense of fashion. See her worst wardrobe moments during pregnancy:


  • Kim announced her pregnancy in this lacy skintight number, many thought her edgy styling would not decrease.
  • But Kim's styling has got edgier and she has been blasted by the media for wearing heels. This outfit clinged to her growing boday (and not in a nice way) PS she did not wear a bra here!
  • Kim has started dressing in neutral shades to hide the gender of her baby.
  • This dress highlights Kim's bust (which looks huge) and the colour washes her out. What happend to the pregnancy glow Kim?
  • Peplum looks perfect when you have a flat stomach but Kim decided to dress her bump with these weird military pepum pants!
  • This leather short dress was the worst pick, wonder how she looks this comfortable.