Padma Lakshmi reveals secret ‘weight loss’ juice

Padma Lakshmi/google
Padma Lakshmi/google
Padma Lakshmi/google

Padma Lakshmi has revealed the secret of her perfect curves, it is a cleansing juice she takes before every meal.

The juice is made of unsweetened cranberry juice, water and Emergen-C wrote the Top Chef host. Padma has uploaded some personal recipes on her official blog. The former model said that she drinks a glass of this cleansing concoction to kick-start her metabolism before every meal.

The ex-wife of Salman Rushdie added a poem which also helps lose weight: “No meat, no sweets, no wheat, no cheese, no alcohol, no fried food”. If anyone follows this for a month, there will be guaranteed weight loss insists Padma.