Pooja Bhatt can’t talk ‘rape’

Pooja Bhatt/google
Pooja Bhatt/google
Pooja Bhatt/google

When Pooja Bhatt turned producer she brought sexual rawness and soft porn to mainstream cinema with films like Jism 1 and 2, Rog, and Paap. In fact she is now vary of voicing her opinions about rape and rape victims as she feels she promoted obscenity in India.

The 41-year-old actor-turned-director is deeply upset with the ongoing scenario, where a 5-year-old was raped and left to die in Delhi, wrote on her micro-blogging page, “This is not a world to bring more children into. This is certainly not a nation to bring more daughters into. Violence is their destiny.”

But she also felt that she has doesn’t have the right to support rape victims as, “Each time I speak up about rape or sexual abuse, some ‘saint’ tells me that I have no right to since I introduced a ‘adult film star’ to Bollywood. I humanised an ‘adult film star’ and got her accepted into the mainstream. The rest of Bollywood is now free to objectify her like they do most women,” she further added.

Pooja introduced Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone to Bollywood in Jism 2.