Poonam Pandey asks fans #Scenes for Nasha

Poonam Pandey/ Twitter
Poonam Pandey/ Twitter
Poonam Pandey/ Twitter

The sexy Poonam Pandey asks her fans about what all scenes they want to see in her debut movie Nasha. The actress was amazed with the creative and interesting replies of her fans.

Here’s what her fans want her to do..

Rahul Sharma ‏
@iPoonampandey nude painting scene :p #aSceneForNASHA #

Gorgeo Aarya
i want @iPoonampandey ‘s Car Love Making #aSceneForNASHA

#aSceneForNASHA where @iPoonampandey wears full clothes

Anurag Srivastava
I love to see @iPoonampandey’s Pool love making #aSceneForNASHA

Gamma Sutra
#aSceneForNASHA A scene where @iPoonampandey dressed as bharathiya nari singing morning bhajans

Sanjay Basavaraj
#aSceneForNasha where @iPoonampandey does kind of scenes which make the guys keep going to the restroom every 15 mins of the movie. Luv u