Poonam’s sex gyan and coffee

Poonam Pandey via tweetpic

Poonam Pandey posted some really raunchy photos last night. The first was in a white blanket where she posted that she was in a threesome! “I had a threesome… with my bed, my pillow, and me,” posted Poonam Pandey on her micro-blogging page.

The strip queen recently apologized for posting too much about her assets. Poonam says all the talks about her cleavage on twitter were in an inebriated state and she apologised for the same the next day.

But today she is back to her antics with a sizzling monochrome pics with a coffee cup kept on her nether regions. With the photo she asks her twitter fans if they would like some coffee. At night Poonam got naughty and posted her sex gyan saying “Sex is not a performance; it’s about giving and receiving one of life’s greatest pleasures,” on Twitter.