Sherlyn Chopra promotes dog sterilisation

Sherlyn at the event/twiitter
Sherlyn at the event/twiitter
Sherlyn at the event/twiitter

The Kamasutra actress Sherlyn Chopra got caught up in a stampede by over-enthusiastic fans and the media at an event in Mumbai.  The actress   was at the event with her dog Bob Chopra and two people dressed as condoms to promote sterilisation of dogs.

Soon the crowd began to close-in on Sherlyn and her dog, Bob Chopra which led to chaos and stampede. The actress is really disappointed as she had to flee from the venue for security reason, “Quickly got into my car with my staff and flee from the venue. Don't know whom to blame for the unorganized press meet- PETA or the MEDIA ??, tweets she.

Sherlyn , your huge fan following is the reason behind this stampede. We know you are upset as you couldn't complete the press meet but hope your fans and others got the message.