Spicy Mink Brar to add flavour to Bigg Boss house

Mink Brar

As host Salman Khan claims, Big Boss 6 is for family viewing. However, the production house feels it lacks the zest and is not gathering enough publicity and TRP’s. To add a little spice and excitement in the show, Mink Brar is all set to enter the show as a wild entry.

The lady who was in controversy over a lip-lock video with girl which went viral and Brar accepted being a lesbian which she later denied. In an interview to a national daily, the actress said that because of her positive attitude and liveliness she has been chosen to be a part of the house and her selection has nothing to do with the controversy.
Apart from clothes and other essentials Mink will carry lot of moisturisers and body lotions to smell good and look presentable all the time. The hot and sexy actress will also be seen enjoying in the pool.
Well it seems the makers are trying to add some spice to dispel the dullness of the show.