Sunny Leone and KRK at loggerheads again

Sunny Leone /twitter
Sunny Leone /twitter
Sunny Leone /twitter

The Canadian porn star Sunny Leone is miffed with KRK over his tweet that rape is not a Crime, It’s just a Surprise Sex, “Ye lo @Sunny Leone says- Rape is not a Crime, Its just a Surprise Sex”, KRK tweeted. The actress is upset and sad because she has never given such a statement on a serious issue like rape but its KRK who said this on her behalf,”Sad when you wake up in the morning and reporters are writing about a lie that was said on my behalf by a well-known liar KRK”, the actress wrote on a micro-blogging site.

After reading Sunny Leone’s tweet the angry KRK reverted to the porn star on twitter and asked her to unblock him and answer what he is lying about. According to KRK he just tweeted what he read in the newspaper. He further tweeted some vulgar comments about the porn star.

He also revealed that Sunny Leone is too busy till 2014 for his film Deshrohi and has all mails to prove the same.

Well it’s not the first time that the big mouth KRK has made vulgar comments about Sunny Leone  earlier too he has poked fun at 31-year-old actress.Known for his rude comments the actor has passed comments about almost everyone in the industry.