Take a bath Poonam Pandey style!

Poonam Pandey
Poonam Pandey

The controversy queen is back in action and to grab the attention of the twitterverse Poonam has posted some raunchy pictures. The pictures show a barely clad Poonam stripping and later sitting in a tub with some soapsuds covering her body.

Poonam tweeted “Love it when the bath is that hot it steams the whole bathroom. Ok Tweethearts will post more PIX from my BATHROOM … but let me hear you on #BathLikePoonamPandey. i am in Love with you. Pani mein lag gai aag.. its gonna Hot… Hotter ……Hottest”.

She also made sure that her #BathLikePoonamPandey video trends and thanked her fans for the same.”its been 14hrs. #BathLikePoonamPandey is Trending let me hear u more abt #BathLikePoonamPandey, she tweeted. .

Poonam further compared herself to Pamela Anderson” #BathLikePoonamPandey Pamela was in Baywatch, and I am here in Soapwatch ” adds she.

Hey Poonam, we all know that you are trying hard for a debut in Bollywood or Playboy after Sheryln Chopra, but do you think all this would actually help?