What’s your addiction asks Poonam Pandey

Poonam Pandey/Twitter

The twitter queen is back but this time minus a strip act. The lady wants to know everyone’s addiction,” #MyAddiction is————————– u Know mine? but i Wanna know what’s yours…. let me hear it”, she wrote on her micro blogging page.

She further adds that addiction is hard to understand unless you experience it. Her fans tweets their addictions to the lady. Poonam loved the addictions sent by her fans and replied, “Loving to read your addiction … Go on let me hear more #MyAddiction”.

The lady also expressed that she admires everyone who can get rid of their addiction.

We bring to you some of the ‘ADDICTION’ tweets:

Twinkle @iAnushka9 wrote @ipoonampandey POONAM PANDEY IS #MYADDICTION. NOTHING ELSE.

Sanjay vyas @sanwat wrote #Myaddiction is music, not just addiction, its as important to me like oxygen.

Gorgeo Aarya @fridaysuck wrote #MyAddiction Watching @iPoonampandey Pics Again & Again.

Mohit Choudhary @Choudharis said @iPoonampandey #MyAddiction is d tweets from poonam pandey.

Varun taneja @varuntaneja09 tweeted #MyAddiction – Loving God’s creations 🙂

Sahil meswani @SahiloRamos19 says #MyAddiction smoke n alcohol 😛