Christmas gifts for men


One of the hardest things on Christmas is finding the perfect gift for people you love. Picking out gifts for men is even harder. This Christmas shun the usual t-shirt or shirt for your man and gift something memorable. Here is a list of few interesting gifts to make him feel special.

  • Tie Tie Add style and colour to his wardrobe with a bright tie. Gift him a grey one, Fifty shades anyone?
  • Camera Camera It will be an expensive affair but if he is into photography this will be a gift he’ll absolutely love.
  • Grooming Kit Grooming Kit The markets are flooded with male grooming kits, so pick a one from Body Shop or any beauty store.
  • I Pad cover I Pad cover An elegant and durable I Pad cover will help protect and personalize his iPad.
  • Video Games Video Games One of the best Christmas gifts for men is the gaming system of his choice. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are classic.
  • Liquor Liquor December translates into party season, so a bottle of champagne or wine is a good option. Buy the bottle according to your budget.
  • Swiss Knife Swiss Knife Get him a stainless steel Swiss Army Knife that will help him in small boy-ish things!
  • Perfume Perfume A yummy smelling man is a turn on! Gift a fragnance of your choice and make him smell good.
  • Sunglasses Sunglasses Sunglasses enchance the look, gift him one and make the heads turn. Try Chulbul Pandey aka Salman ones.
  • Pen Drive Pen Drive Forget the old and boring pen drive design and gift him a different and funky USB.
  • Wallet Wallet A stylish and classic wallet is also a good bet. Make sure you buy a one suiting his taste and needs.