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Bathing post baby is my not so luxurious time of the day, I usually take 5 minutes and I’m out of the shower. Gone are the days of luxurious bathing and moisturizing, hence the need for me, like every mother, to use products that mosturise as I bathe.
When I chanced upon the all new DOY glycerin soap and researched and found that glycerin soaps are milder than normal soaps. Doy Transparent Glycerin Bathing Bar is enriched with pure glycerin, natural oils, Vitamin E, and sweet signature aroma.

Price: Priced at 36 INR and its a steal.

Available in 3 different variants – Pure & Mild, Clean & Natural and Soft &Gentle

Pros of using DOY:

Doy Transparent Soap Soft & Gentle
Doy Transparent Soap Soft & Gentle

It contains pure Glycerin a known natural moisturizer that helps lock in water and hydrate skin.
Dermatologically tested, and suitable for all skin types
Doy Transparent Soap Pure & Mild has a mild fragrance which doesn’t stay on the body. This works well in winters and is probably the oiliest in nature.
Doy Transparent Soap Clean & Natural contains aloe and is light green in colour. It is good for summers as Aloe works best during summers.
Doy Transparent Soap Soft & Gentle is pink in colour and has a light flowery fragrance. The fragrance doesn’t stick to the body.
Since its mostly glycerin based it foams quite less but you do feel clean but the skin does not feel stretched.
My skin works without moisturizing even in winters.

Cons: None, I can think of.
Rating: 4/5
#BringBackGentle is an initiative by DOY to help mothers everywhere rediscover their gentle and beautiful selves. We understand that being a MOM is not an easy job, but it is the most important one.