Why you should not buy an iPhone 5

The new iPhone 5
The new iPhone 5

iPhone 5 garnered attention even before its launch in India. Grey markets had pegged it at 1 lakh after the international launch! iPhone was launched in India yesterday at a price tag of Rs 45,500. However buying an iPhone 5 is not a good idea. Here are 5 reasons not to buy or atleast wait for a couple of months before investing in one:

Nothing new: The newly launched iPhone 5 has a few design changes but overall it is not a revolutionary new design. Just a larger screen!

Software: The new software iOS 6 is also available as an update for your old apple products. So buying a new phone for the software isn’t the smartest idea.

Expensive: The price of the new iPhone is very steep. Starting at Rs 45,500 for a 16GB model along with tarrif plans it is a costly affair.

New accessories: The iPhone 5 has a different and smaller pin connector which means you will have to buy new accessories. Or wait for a new connector to attach your phone to the old ones.

Better options: The market is flooded with smart phones which have better technology at half the prices.