Flash back 2013: Best and worst dressed women

Shilpa Shetty
Shilpa Shetty

This year we saw fashionistas emerge and well known stylish women dress up badly. Fashion is forever changing and so are our icons of fashion. Here’s a list of women who made us go yay and nay in 2013:

  • Best: Shilpa Shetty Best: Shilpa Shetty She definitely has the poster perfect body. Her extreme diet and exercise regimen along with a stellar dress sense has won her a place in the top 5. Incidentally she is in love with showing her slimmed wais and leaves no opportunity to wear mid-riff baring clothes.
  • Best: Priyanka Chopra Best: Priyanka Chopra The exotic singer went international this year and her dress sense perfect. Her rock chic look was applauded, while her desi dress up was perfect.
  • Best: Kajol Best: Kajol Gone is the frumpy dressed Kajol, here comes a style diva who lost a lot of weight, hired a stylist and started experimenting with her clothes.
  • Best: Duchess Kate Middleton Best: Duchess Kate Middleton She was a classy dresser when she was expecting Prince George and after his arrival, Duchess Kate looked elegance personified.
  • Best: Kangana Ranaut Best: Kangana Ranaut Her experimentation and poster perfect style has sure grabbed eyeballs this year. Know to experiment and change her styles frequently Kangana has sure come a long way.
  • WORST: Karishma Kapoor WORST: Karishma Kapoor The yummy mummy sure s a stylista but her love for black is getting a tad too much. Maybe it’s time to sport some colour Lolo?
  • WORST: Sonakshi Sinha WORST: Sonakshi Sinha Her village belle act and the subsequent village like dress up irks us. Her favourite western outfits comprise of tee and tops or a simple sheath. Intervention and a stylist needed asap.
  • WORST: Kim Kardashian WORST: Kim Kardashian Her pregnancy clothes were talk of the town and ever since she got her curves back the dressing has got racier. Though there are miles to go before it becomes classy.
  • WORST: Tanisha Mukherji WORST: Tanisha Mukherji Big Boss runner-up Tansha sported drab outfits during her 3 month long stay in the house. She wore frumpy sweats and tees mostly on a show which grosses the highest TRPs.
  • WORST: Aishwarya Rai Bachcha WORST: Aishwarya Rai Bachcha The Bachchan bahu is back in shape but her clothes need a major re-haul. She still wears those voluminous and boring anarkalis to hide her fab self. She needs some self confidence maybe?