Floral jewellery the latest rage!


Keeping some of the most beautiful and exotic flowers as muse, Entice has created a jewellery collection. The collection of intricate jewellery pieces and sets will surely woo each woman with its varied styles and designs.

  • Cocktail ring Cocktail ring Created for the statement makers, this cocktail ring takes its inspiration from the exotic round head rampion flower.
  • Daffodils ring Daffodils ring This ring is a perfect combination of yellow diamonds and white diamonds.
  • Morning glory neckpiece Morning glory neckpiece The combination of blue, green and shimmering white gives the piece a very fashionable and classy look.
  • Mexican shell earrings Mexican shell earrings Inspired by the petals of a Mexican shell flower, this earring presents a medley of precious gemstones like Ruby, Emerald and glittering diamond.
  • Periwinkle ring Periwinkle ring Integrating the overlapping petals of a Periwinkle flower in this ring, the combination is not only pretty but also grand in its own unique way.
  • Rose cuff Rose cuff Adorned on the wrist it exuberates elegance and chic style glittering with diamonds.
  • Calla lily bracelet Calla lily bracelet The beauty of calla lily flowers is extremely evident in this diamond bracelet with white and rosegold finishes.