Here’s what to pick from Jenjum Gadi, Delhi

Jenjum Gadi
Jenjum Gadi

After a positive stint retailing in multi-label stores across India and Middle-East Jenjum Gadi, a promising Delhi based designer, launched his flagship store at the Crescent Mall. At 33, Jenjum Gadi from Arunachal Pradesh happens to be the youngest designer from the North East. While we loved his take on designing, here are our five picks from his newly launched Delhi store:

  • A bright blue printed dress to make everyday awesome. The elaborate color bursts and geometrical patterns that reflects the tribal streak which remains Jenjum’s biggest source of inspiration.
  • A twist to add some drama to a traditional saree. Jenjum’s creations start with his 'An ode to Gota'.
  • A ombre dress with intresting silhouettes is young and peppy.
  • The flow adds grace to this simple yet intricte and pretty outfit.
  • Jenjum's eye for vibrant hues, brilliant motifs, ihand woven designs and beads with impeccable cuts and silhouettes makes these seprates stand out. The can be worn together or combined with different pieces.