Nida Mahmood and HCL make a time machine!

Model on the ramp with the costume
Model on the ramp with the costume
Model on the ramp 

Recently HCL collaborated with Nida Mahmood, to showcase its latest range of ME tablets to audiences. A fusion of fashion and technology, this designer’s collection was presented in a unique manner. The show saw the installation and a model, as part of the live installation designed entirely with HCL ME Tablets.

The entire installation, called VDO GAGA was themed around the concept of a time machine on which, the muse and protagonist of the collection, travels around through time and space. HCL ME tablets were an integral part of the 3 wall installation setup and the outfit adorned by the muse. The presentation was extremely interactive as the tablets played live media content and were programmed by a time delay application which brought close to 100 tablets alive at the same time.

Fashion designer Nida Mahmood was really happy and excited to work on such a unique concept, “The confluence of art and the right application of my thought endowed through ME Tablets has created this unique time capsule called VDO Gaga. It gives me immense satisfaction to see everything falling into place”, said she.

This amalgamation was very creative and different and we hope to see such combinations more often.