Poonam’s female philosophy!

Poonam Pandey
Poonam’s female philosophy. ImageSource: Google

The stripping starlet is back! Poonam Pandey continues to sizzle on twitter. After predicting about Germany’s win for which Ponnam re-christened herself ‘Poonam Pandey is octopus Paul’ now tweets her gyan on women!

Well she started copying some sarcastic, bitch quotes of the internet. She tweeted: ‘Female Philosophy: Any bitch before me was a mistake, and every bitch after me is a downgrade’. She also adds that, ‘Nice girls blush when they see sexy scenes in movies; naughty girls smile because they know they can do it better’.

Poonam it is interesting to know that you now know how to use Google to copy paste. Now how about learning some common sense! But we sure do fail to understand despite your nasty tweets you are the twitter-ing queen. Literally!