Signs that your ex wants you back

He wants you back! ImageSource:

Here are a few signs your ex still cares

He wants you back! ImageSource:

Love is never planned and it just happens. Many women realize their feelings for a guy after the break up. But if you are unsure know what’s on the other side, asking directly won’t work and it might leave a wrong impression. In such a situation many opt for astrologers and pandits to know the future of their relationship and his feelings!

Here is a way to read the signs to know whether your ex still feels for you or not.

Regular phone calls: If he still calls you regularly chances are he wants you back. Calling causally is different but if he asks you about everything and gives you a daily dope, the only reason is that he still likes you and wants to be close. Another reliable sign is if he engages you into long conversations. And if he is drunk dialing, it means you are still in his thoughts but he is confused.

Makes physical contact: He tries to holding hands, touch you unnecessarily or hug you in every meeting.

Mention you on facebook:  If you are still in his facebook status updates, like tagging you at places, liking your every facebook update. A public platform is somewhere guys want to be macho and still liking your moves is like a big i-am-interested.

Regular messaging: Even after the breakup if he keeps sending you romantic messages or keep texting you through out the day just understand that he still misses you.

 Gifts:  Everyone loves surprises and especially gifts. If Mr ex sends flower bunches, chocolates or surprise gifts at your office or residential address without any occasion, it means he is just trying to impress you and wants to recommence the relationship.

Messengers:  Sometimes what he wants to tell you comes through his friends: ’you guys are made for each other’, he still feels for you etc. Just remember boys also discuss relationship problems with their friends, if your ex does not want you, his friends will not mention anything about your relationship.

Remembering old memories: If he gets nostalgic while talking to you and remembers about the time you have spent together or indirectly tries to convey that you still hold importance in his life.