Opinion: Why my marriage is not your business!

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Being single is ‘fun’tastic and I am normal. Yes, I am normal, nor happy neither sad. But people around me bombard me with questions like why I am still single? And leave me thinking, that why I haven’t got time to think about this, as it seriously doesn’t bother me at all.

Why am I still single? / http://weheartit.com
Why am I still single? / http://weheartit.com

But a lot of amused sheep of my social circle who makes me feel ‘sorry’ at times for not being into a committed relationship at this point of ‘age’ forced me to find an answer.

So, if I am not dating anyone, it is clearly not end of the world. There are always some logical reasons for one for choosing or not choosing anything so do I. Many of my married friends are asking, “When you are giving the good news? (Of marriage) Hello! There is still a lot of good news to share; you can dig my Facebook account for that.


Practically speaking, there is no drought of men. At times, many aspects could lead to someone’s ‘single status’. It is possible that one might have some ambitions which demands time, or possibly saw a sour time while dealing in a relationship and now may be too cautious to invest any more time and emotions in some random guy, who is merely interested in me.

“In 20s you should see someone before all good men are taken”, now this makes me grrrrrrrrrr because I am not into any secret mission for man hunt. It’s all my choice when to hook up and when not. If Suhasini Muley (Aamir Khan’s mom in Lagaan) can tie knot in her 60s, I am so sure I have a lot of time to find my perfect guy.

I know many women (including me) who enjoy their ambitions, who want to lead a regret free living. And because we work for our ambitions that never mean that we are unromantic. No, we don’t want to sound over ambitious, we just have a sketch in mind of when to do what in life.

So Cheers! And listen to this song because nothing brings you down if you’re happy:

Singlehood is choice and age is just a number. Share if you can relate to this.