Signs he is ready to become a dad

Father kissing his baby/freedigitalphotos
Father kissing his baby/freedigitalphotos
Father kissing his baby/freedigitalphotos

Having a baby is very expensive because of unending doctor visits, medicines, test, hospital charges and much more.  Gone are the days when only financial stability was looked upon before planning a family. Now things have changed drastically and couples need to be ready psychologically too have one. So if you are ready for a baby but really want to know if your husband is ready, here are few signs to look out for:

He looks for baby names and stuff: If your hubby looks for baby names or baby products online or he constantly brings up baby names he likes and has picked out, understand that he is ready to start a family. As with Stuti Singh, mother of a 2-year-old Agastya, “my hubby started collecting small cars as a token for his child to play with, that too when we had not discussed starting a family. I think it was an indirect way to tell me he was ready.”

Talks about life after kid: In case he often talks about starting a family or his life post kids, it’s a sign that he wants to become a dad because a guy who doesn’t want a kid won’t mention anything about them. Also if he talks to his parents about being grandparents, shows he is ready to accept responsibility.

Inquires his friends about gynaecologist: Men always want the best for their pregnant wife and the unborn baby, so if you hear him talking about it with his experienced friends or researching about hospital and doctors, he is willing to have a baby.

He researches baby birthing: If your net savvy partner researchers about sex position to conceive, process of a child birth and other related information, it means that he wants to understand what you will go through when you are pregnant.

He loves to babysit his niece /nephew: A man who loves kids always wants to be around them. If you see that he is constantly asking if he can bring the kids over or enjoys playing and babysitting, its sign to look out for.

He says it: The easiest way to spot that he is ready to start a family with you is when he comes and discusses about it with you directly.

Did your husband tell you when he was ready for a baby? How did he tell you?