Things all kids need for a great childhood!

What kids need/pixabay
What kids need/pixabay
What kids need/pixabay
What kids need/pixabay

Some essentials for their better future

The minute we see those two red lines on the pregnancy detection strip, we go through a bundle of emotions. We begin making lists of the things the baby would need from cribs to diapers to clothes and much more. But in real life kids need much more than clothes and diapers and here few things that every kid needs besides a good education.

1. A healthy, well-balanced diet: Every kid needs a healthy and well balanced diet for a healthy body and strong immunity. They will often prefer sugar or junk but keeping them away from your child will do a lot good.

2. Acknowledgement of a job well done: The best reward for being good is getting your time and attention. If you give kids attention when they are good, it will make them want to be good more often but on the other hand if you only notice them when they are naughty, it might make them want to be naughty more often.

3. Parents time: Kids need to know there is someone who loves them and that their needs will be met as soon as possible.

4. Loads of hugs and kisses: Hugs and cuddles help children to feel safe and comforts them. Holding your children, picking them up, sitting them on your lap, kissing and cuddling, are all good ways to show that you care. They won’t be young forever and this love is what sets the basis of their personality.

Kid sleeping/pixabay
Kid sleeping/pixabay

5. A good night’s sleep: Sleep is as important as nutrition and exercise. It’s when the body repackages neurotransmitters, chemicals that enable brain cells to communicate.

6.Regular checkups with a doctor: From your child’s birth to young adulthood visiting the doctor regularly to make sure that your kid is healthy and developing well. Regular health check ups also help find problems before they start.

7. Exposure: From playing in the dirt to fighting, falling kids need to get every healthy exposure to build their personality. Don’t stop them from exploring until you feel it’s going overboard.

8. A group of friends: While friendships are formed much later in life, but being near other babies or toddlers develops them. It teaches them socialising and sharing. These traits are essential for a child later in life.

What other essentials do you think are important for your child’s future? Tell us in the comments below.