Fashion exhibitions will always be in vogue: Malika Jain

Mallika Jain
Mallika Jain

Malika Jain tells us how her exhibition Fashion Capsule became a brand name for fashionistas

Malika started her brand Fashion Capsule, the brand which brings together a melange of fashion offerings from both the established and emerging brands. As a fashion influencer her exhibitions are loved by the Instagram loving fashionistas and she ha inspired many young fashion entrepreneurs. As she get ready for her monsoon edition we got talking to this beautiful entrepreneur about fashion, power play and more:

Mallika Jain
Malika Jain

How was Fashion Capsule formed?

Many years ago, I had a grand dream, it was to get together the best of elegant, stylish and fashionable people an ease to shop. Next day, I meet a friend and discussed the dream, which is how Fashion Capsule was conceptualized.

What is Fashion Capsule?

Fashion Capsule is a New Delhi-based fashion and lifestyle exhibition brand, that provides you with a great shopping experience, It brings together multiple fashion, creative, lifestyle and boutique brands under one roof for elite shoppers. The exhibition happens every 3-4 months and the next one called the #summersymphony will take place at Lodhi Hotel on July 12th, 2017, Wednesday from 11 am- 8 pm. The summer symphony will be a unique, colorful and luxurious shopping experience with 35 talented designers participating in it,

Fashion capsule for the Diwali Festive Exhibition is already under planning. #dillistyle2017 will make your Diwali shopping super easy.

Being a mother of two grown up boys and being a founder of one of the most luxury exhibitions- how you manage your personal and professional life?

I am proud to be a mother of two amazing boys Rishabh and Chaitanya aged 19 and 17 they are the biggest gift God could have given to me. However, focusing on important tasks rather than urgent tasks and being realistic about my goals makes me balance life.

Do you feel people prefer shopping from exhibitions in India?

People do and will always shop from exhibitions as they are a one stop destination where designers from all the fields are present under one roof. Exhibitions are seasonal and theme based so it is the best place to choose trendy clothes. You can buy an Indian dress you want to wear for a Diwali party or if you are looking for say a piece of jewelry from a Mumbai stall holder who otherwise has no presence in Delhi. You get designers from all across India who showcase their collections at exhibitions. This you cannot find in a mall or a high street.

Mallika Jain
Malika Jain

The day before and on day of the exhibition, do you still feel the pressure?

The day before the exhibition is always stressful, but fun. It’s the setup day so we all get busy with that and with social media promotions etc. The day after the exhibition is like a breath of fresh air and all smiles of satisfaction, after a successful exhibition.