Meet India’s youngest woman to fly a Boeing 777


Anny Divya becomes India’s youngest women to fly a Boeing 777

Each day opening the newspaper is dreadful we hear about mishappenings with women, from injustices to sordid rapes, it’s all there! On the other hand, slowly but surely we are rising up, we are progressing above those shackles.

Being a woman I feel proud that after so many discriminations we still manage to reach the skies.  This story is one of the examples of it. Born in Pathankot, Anny Divya has become India’s youngest women to fly a Boeing 777. Since her childhood, she wanted to become a pilot. We can say dreams really come true.

Anny Divya
Anny Divya

Born as a daughter of Army officer, she has studied all over the country; she dedicates all her success to her parents. She believes whatever she is today is because of her parents and teachers. Anny said this because when she joined the pilot course, the fees were too high and being from a middle-class family, her family managed to do that for her.

She said, “I am proud to say that India has taken lead over rest of the world, In India, 15% woman work as airline pilots, whereas globally it is approximately 5%”.

Anny has done her schooling from Vijayawada since her childhood she wanted to be a pilot and her parents were supportive, her mother used to encourage her. After completing 12th class she got admission in Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi (IGRUA), it is the flying school in Uttar Pradesh.  Speaking English was a struggle for her, for which she was mocked by people. But she won a scholarship.

At the age of 19 years, she completed her training, after which she got a job in Air India. When she came back from Spain, She got a chance to fly Boeing 737. From then she leads the path of success. And went to London for training, at the age of 22 she started to fly Boeing 777, after which her life changed.

Also, she quoted, “My airline is very professional and I love working there”. And she is so pretty. Here is saluting her