This is how modern Indian women celebrate Navaratri

Shed some kilos

In a country of countless festivals, customs and beliefs, a new breed has emerged which is known as young modern Indian women who loves traditional ways to celebrate festivals and is a free bird at the same time that turns-up her nose in her own unique style. She is not religiously biased and gets easily blended in all the festivities in her own way. This fresh breed is all set to celebrate Chaitra Navaratri which starts from today

Chutti at office

Simply mention that you are having vrat and that would be nice if you get an off for it. Obviously nobody is as cruel to make you work without food and water, especially in this crazy April heat. If you are hot/cute then there are 101% chances of getting leave (No offence).

Some quality time with sasu maa

That evil sasu maa is hard to find even if you use binocular (except few cases :p). This is the time when you two become best buddies while preparing fast delicacies and having them together. After all you are actually married to his family specially mommy cool right?

Flaunt your dress
Flaunt your dress

Flaunt that dress

Who comes in those glittering in gold and diamond jewelries to make that next door neighbor jealous? Dress up your heart out for Navaratri pooja and show the world that you are nothing less than a Ritu Kumar model.

Catch-up with friends

Bring up home some of your best gossip queens for a small Navaratri party. You will not feel the hunger as your mouths will keep chattering whole day plus they will help you out for preparations too.

Shed some kilos
Shed some kilos

Shed some Kilos

Of course you do fasting to shed some weight, that’s not a secret anymore. But never go on food rampage just after the


Revive the romance

Let him get out of his mind by donning something new, maybe just like your wedding day (don’t overdo). After all you both are stars of your world. So why not re-act some Bollywood scenes after fasting. OMG! Why I am writing so much . . . ahem! Good night (Wink)

This is how modern Indian women celebrates Navaratri
This is how modern Indian women celebrates Navaratri