Time to recognize women’s contribution!

Women of Substance season 3
Women of Substance season 3
Women of Substance season 3
Women of Substance season 3

“If you want something, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.” 

Women have the power to create, nurture and transform the lives around her. Every woman is remarkable in her own way but there are  few who survive the worst and bounce back stronger. They are the ones who stand strong against all odds of the society and change the definition of what it means to be a woman in today’s age. Women who have chased their dreams and made a name for themselves, inspired millions of others to do the same; SRL Diagnostics (a leading diagnostic chain in India) salutes and recognizes them with Women of Substance award.

A woman of substance can be anyone whose story makes you want to believe that there’s nothing unstoppable about her, like Deepa Malik who, at the age of 45 became India’s first ever woman to win a medal at the Rio 2016 Paralympics. There are also women who have created a name for themselves in a male dominated profession like Sunita, an auto rickshaw driver,who transcended all barriers and chose a male dominated profession for her living.
There are also those women who have beaten all odds and are giving back to the society. An acid attack victim survivor who is bringing a change among others or a woman leaving her comfortable job for the betterment of the society- all these decisions require a lot of courage which shows that these are strong and resilient women. For example, Laxmi is an acid attack survivor who speaks for the rights of acid attack victims and Gloria Benny had quit her job at Google to make a difference for the underprivileged – these are just a few examples of the real women of substance!

There are many such woman around us who are contributing a lot to the society in varied ways and can be an inspiration for others. Share your stories with us and tell us what makes you that woman! If you know any woman in your life whom you value and see as a woman of substance, you can nominate her for the Women of Substance 2017 award. Click on the link below!
Women of Substance 2017

The last date for nominations for the Women of Substance award is 15th February 2017. So hurry up!