Top excuses women use to skip sex

Couple Lying In Bed/freedigitalphotos
A couple sleeping
A couple sleeping

Chores at the home, making food, office pressure and handling kids, most women are strained by the time they hit bed and we all know women are good at making excuses when it comes to sex.

AAW decided to conduct a survey on the top excuses women make to avoid sex. While more than 60% Indian women agreed to making excuses, there were many excuses women used. Some were funny, ‘I was on a fast lets not have sex today’ and some very weird ‘My cyst in the uterus is paining!’ We asked 100 females and here are the most common ones:

I’m too sleepy: This is common and an easy excuse.”I had a hectic day at work and I’m too tired, I just need to sleep. Sorry darling but today I am too tired for all this.” Because of the long working hours and busy schedule this excuse tops the chart.

Condoms are over: Condoms are very essentials for safe sex so this key element for sex has now turned into an excuse! “Darling I think the thin condoms are over and you know the others don’t really satisfy me!” Though boys keep an account or check on the condoms but ladies today use it conveniently as a good excuse.

We had it last week: Women know 100 ways to turn him on and 120 reasons to avoid sex. They can use any excuse for not having it. “Control we had it last week, what has happened to you, why are behaving like this?”

I forgot my birth control pill: “Honey, it’s not possible today, I missed my pill today, so it’s not safe, let’s do it tomorrow.” Poor men have to listen to all this just because she forgot to pop the pill! Psst.. Most women do not miss them but lie!

I want to watch this movie: Movies and those soppy Indian soaps are every guy’s bane!  Women prefer to watch their favourite show or movie instead of enjoying a scintillating sex.

Not well: I have a headache, my monthly cycle is on, I overate dinner are few excuses that work every time.  Men can’t even argue or force in such situations so this is an easy escapes. According to reports Women all over the world seem to get a headache when its sex.

I am not in the mood: The mood devils act as an obstacle and avoid sex by dragging out an argument for no reasons. “Listen I am very upset today, I had a bad day at work so I am not at all up for it. Let’s just talk”. A bad day at work means no sex tonight.