Expensive wedding services

Expensive wedding services

Preparing for the great grand Indian shaadi can often be a headache. The naachna, gaana, relatives are all fun but co-coordinating with people and budgeting the exorbitant prices asked can be difficult. Here are a few people or services which will try to fleece you

Photographer: Pictures and videos are an important part of wedding as they make memories. But when hiring a photographer make everything clear in the beginning because many times the bill that comes to you is much more than the amount finalised. At the end they charge extra for screens, revolving camera and much more.

Wedding decoration
Wedding decoration

Decorations: Flower decorations prices depends on the quantity and quality of flowers used. A simple flower decoration can cost you close to INR 50,000 and orchids and lily around three lakhs and even more. Tell the flower arrangement team about your budget  in advance else they will charge you a bomb.

Dholwala: Dholwala’s can fleece you off hundreds, in fact dholwalas charge a sum to come and perform at a function and then ask everyone to shed money wildly!

Lighting: Seeing your house decked up for your wedding is a beautiful moment. But the fairy lights, halogen lamps and net wrapping and cost you about 5,000 to 7,000 INR per day not adding the electricity it will consume.

Mehendi design
Mehendi design

Mehendiwala: Getting heena on your hands is sacrosanct in India but often mehendiwala’s over charge. This depends on two things: his popularity among brides and if it is the wedding season. Try and negotiate with him and pick a good design in reasonable price.

Car decoration: The bidaai in a car decorated with flowers is important but can set you back by a couple of thousands so pick a decently priced decoration. Too much is out of fashion now.

Ghori-wala and band: For a groom a ghori (horse) and a band (for dancing) are musts. But during the wedding season they can charge astronomical amounts (upto a lakh of rupees!), so make the bookings in advance and try to avoid expensive things like firework etc.

Do you know any other service that can be added to the list? Share your opinion with us.

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