Delhi Rape leads to 35 per cent drop in female tourists

Female tourist/weheartit
Female tourist/weheartit
Female tourist/weheartit

The Delhi Gang Rape in one controversy that has had great repercussions. While an average Indian woman no longer feels safe outside at night, tourism has also taken a hit.

According to a survey, female tourists have shunned India in record numbers since the gang rape in Delhi, last December. Some 35 per cent fewer female tourists have visited India since the Delhi gang rape, but the government has contradictory figures to show.

In fact, the latest tourism advertisement by Indian government features a woman exploring India on a solo expedition. But the reality is starkly different; in fact not many foreign women are happy to come to India alone these days.

The survey conducted by India’s Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Assocham), found a sharp decline (35 per cent in 3 months) in the number of female foreign tourists and a 25 per cent overall decline since the attack.

According to the statistics of India’s National Crime Records Bureau, one woman is raped every 20 minutes. In fact post-Nirbhaya incident, in Delhi alone police figures show a rise in sexual crimes in 2013, (590 per cent more molestation cases and 148 per cent rise in rape cases).

Add to this, a weak western economy, plus caution issued by many countries and repeated attacks on foreign women have also lowered visits. In fact Assocham claimed tourism took a hit not only in Delhi, but also in Goa, Agra, Jaipur and elsewhere. Since the Delhi gang rape at least six foreign national women have been attacked or have reported sexual harassment in India.

Though the government has taken a tough stance by making the punishment harsher for sexual offenders but the feeling of safety and trust might take some time to build.

The incredible India ad which show a woman travelling alone but now things have changed so is the mindset of  female tourist.