Plan your summer vacation!

Plan your summer vacation!
Plan your summer vacation!

As the long unbearably hot summer months start, so does the vacation mode. Especially for couples with children, this is the time to unwind, relax and travel. So how does one plan the perfect holiday?

One way is to go through the basic way of listing the places, going to an agent and booking the trip et all. This is a hassle free system but opt for it if you are low on time. We suggest checking out a few websites (both agents and hotels, flights). At times hotels and flights are giving huge discounts. Like the way Pallavi Singh suffered, “I booked an entire package through an agent for Hong Kong and on reaching the hotel I realised, they were giving a 30% off on online bookings. Our agent never informed us about the scheme,” she says. AAW suggests: Do check out the hotels which your agent offers to you.

Ideally you must plan before time for a better deal. Summer holidays are usually the peak season for all resorts, hotels specially the ones near major cities. For the best hotel deals plan six weeks in advance. Always go to cooler destinations or a spa resort in summers. Try and steer clear of Indian beaches, it is going to be hot and humid.

Not getting a visa at the last minute can be a party pooper! If you are planning to go abroad try and set up your visa, other papers in order before planning and investing on the trip. “I had taken a leave from work and sorted everything my flights, hotels, etc but last minute I got a call from the Australian embassy saying my papers were not in order and the processing will take some extra time!, I was beyond sad,” says Swati Sharma, who was to go on a 20-day long holiday with her hubby to Australia this summer.

Relaxing is the main reason for this trip. Try not to over-spend, it will only stress you out! So bring out those vacation clothes and sunscreen and get ready to enjoy!