Cops arrest 3 for online attack on J&K girl band

*representational pic/weheartit
*representational pic/weheartit
*representational pic/weheartit

The Kashmir rock-band which created ripples has been forced to quit as they were threatened by religious fanatics. But in a surprising move the Jammu and Kashmir Police have arrested three youth for putting up posts against the band called ‘Pragaash’.

A team of cops has tracked the IP addreses from where the abusive and threatening abuses were posted on their fan page.

The all-girls band called Pragaash which means darkness to light has 3 band members (all class 10 students). The girls have received many threats and the mufti of J&K has issued a decree, deming the band as ‘un-islamic’.

The cops have been supportive but the social pressures have made the girls quit.